Mt. Babag Trek

Mt. Babag Trek

Cebu City can accommodate mountaineers, hobbyist, or groups who want to indulge for a fun trek without going out from the city. Mt. Babag is one of the trekkers playground which can be access through multiple points of entry - we chose Napo trail since we're living just within the city.

From Guadalupe church we started our warm up hike to Napo passing Brgy Lower Sapangdako. The village is backed by awe-inspiring Babag mountain range. I remember the place as we came towards the small bridge along the way - memories from our NSTP days way back year 2005.

Mt. Babag Trek
on our way to Napo 
We contracted Geo (in red), a good friend to be our guide going to Mt. Babag since she is well rehearsed with the trail as it was her 5th time climbing the peak and still say "yes" for another climb going forward. 

Passing Napo trail by the edge of the mountain; below where the Sapangdako river flows.

Mt Babag trek

We are firmed to achieve our goal reaching the top after seeing the peak where the RCPI towers stood. Looks near from our ground.
Mt Babag trek

Mt. Babag Trek
Approaching the Busay Lut-od falls through Kahugan Trail where we planned to have our lunch and to enjoy the cold water of the falls.
Mt. Babag

Busay Lut-od falls

Busay Lut-od falls
 I think one of the highlights during our short stay in Busay Lut-od falls was the "fish spa". They suck and nibble our dry and dead skin when we put our feet in the water. I think these were just an ordinary small fishes found in river basin and not the typical doctor fish species used by the growing fish spa business in the city. 

After almost two hours of enjoying the water, we headed back to the trail. 
Catching our breathe halfway to the top. I guess we took the short trail but has its fair share of difficult steep assaults.
We're almost there. We passed this water source just before the last assault to the peak. 
Finally we reached the top after periodic stops and frequent water breaks. The view of metropolitan Cebu from the top.
And what else? Our mandatory groupie. 
Mt Babag Trek
After an hour staying at the summit, we headed down. Since we decided not to camp, we just stayed right across the Camp Chalet and completed our day with few rounds of Vitamin "E". 
General Information:
--For day hike, better start early - 8:00am is an ideal time. You can reach Mt. Babag around 3:00pm via Guadalupe Church using Napo to Babag - Kahugan Trail. 
--If you are planning to camp, you may opt to start your hike around 10:00am. Manwel's Peak and Chalet Camp are the site for campers who want to spend the night, the latter can accommodate up to 40 tents. 
--You can catch fresh coconut at Robles homestead at a lower price before the unforgiving ascent to the top.
--Be sure to ask for direction when needed.
--Never underestimate the mountains.

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Cheers for adventure!

photos credits to Icebucks


  1. Looking forward for the next adventure! :)

  2. Awesome view! Not a fan of climbing though... but this is a great place to suggest to my friends! Thanks Ian!

  3. "unforgiving ascent to the top" <--- you perfectly got it! :)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Mustachio. Maayong adlaw. :)