PHONEography CEBU 1st Anniversary

PHONEography Cebu 1st Anniversary

PHONEography CEBU celebrated its first anniversary last August 23, 2015 at Handuraw Pizza Events Cafe in Gorordo Avenue. It was attended by the members and PHONEography enthusiasts all over Cebu in different niches who were also showcasing their photos captured using their cellphones. 

What is PHONEography CEBU?

PHONEography CEBU is a group of photography fanatics who uses their cellphones as a medium in capturing precious moments and alluring sceneries. The group is driven to promote photography without the need of conventional camera and aims to help the members improve their phoneography skills on their respective niches.  

PHONEography CEBU 1st Anniversary

The event was graced by some of the sponsors and media personalities in Cebu who happened to be  members of PHONEography CEBU group. 

Noel Villaflor of Sun Star Cebu

Noel Villaflor who delivered the welcome address. According to him, "Phoneography is an art in a hurry". Very well said Sir. 

Gerard Pareja of Cebu Daily News

Followed by Gerard Pareja aka "Klicko Orange" who gave the inspirational speech and talked about the love in photography. The two underlined the passion and commitment in their speech and asked the members "Where do we go from here?"

The finalist for the 1st Mobile Photo Contest

The celebration was also a night of awarding the winners for the 1st Mobile Photo Contest. From 22 entries submitted, it was reduced to 15 finalist. And then the judges picked the top 3 to be awarded. 

The top 3 for the 1st Mobile Photo Contest of PHONEography Cebu. 

PHONEography CEBU 1st Anniversary

L-R: 2nd - Alfred Anthony Yap   1st - Cenabre Reil    3rd - Orville Langga

PHONEography CEBU 1st Anniversary
(1st) "The Real Guitar Man" by Cenabre Reil
PHONEography CEBU 1st Anniversary
(2nd) "Panagat Ubos sa Dakung Tulay" by Alfred Anthony Yap
PHONEography CEBU 1st Anniversary
(3rd) "Magellan's Cross" by Orville Langga
The awarding was then followed by a game and everyone had the chance to win freebies. Of course, I won something. :) 

It was also a night of mini discussions, sharing tips and techniques from the masters and members itself over a bottle of beers and Handuraw's pizza. 

PHONEography CEBU 1st Anniversary

Items for sale and still up for grab at PHONEography CEBU's facebook page. 

PHONEography CEBU 1st Anniversary

And of course, the mandatory group picture. 

The event was a big success. Shout out to all the admins and organizer who worked hard to make this celebration possible. 
PHONEography CEBU would like to thank the following sponsors:
--Handuraw Pizza Events Cafe
--Campo Santo Design and Studio
--Adobo Prints and Designs
In cooperation with:
--Bathalad and UP Tinta

credits to Orville Langga for equally awesome pictures. 

It was a night well spent. Happy 1st Anniversary PHONEography CEBU. Keep shooting. 

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  1. Wow! I never knew there's such a thing in Cebu! Sign me up!
    Ian, updates on the next event would be much appreciated!