Being An Accountancy Student

Honestly, studying is hard and tiring yet fun and fulfilling at the same time. Every project deadlines to beat, simultaneous exams to finish and cramming during major exams while thinking about the reporting the next day after - so much fun right?

I remember the time when I was sleeping during my Auditing Theory class while my teacher deliberately discussing about professional skepticism, independent in mind and in appearance, internal control, SOXA and stuff. Who cares about the theory in the first place? I am not fond of studying theories without putting numbers into it. I know you feel me. So you probably would ask me how I managed to survive the subject. Well, let's just say I passed the CPA board exam. Hahaha. You know what I mean. 

Let me round up some of our moments. I know you guys can relate. 

1. Everyone knows VALIX. We dated his books for months others even for years. We spent quarter of our time in reading and we're not sure if we really understand how and what. Cash and Cash Equivalents were easy but what the heck I am still baffled with proof of cash thingy. We carried his books every day while others think were insane, carrying Bibles all the way. Do you still remember Employee Benefits? Okay then let me ask you one thing, how to get "actuarial loss or gain"? For me past and present blurred together, confusing me still further. Arrghh!

2. We don't know what Friday nights really means. For us our weekends still confined with the academic obligation - juggling our thoughts between Advance Accounting to Auditing Problems. When our friends enjoying their nights dancing; we are wide-awake solving problems and have a bad time figuring the 3.11 pesos missing. 

3. We are burning candles in McDonalds 24/7 food chain. A place to do an overnight study for our Monday exams; together with our friends, we're not sure if we mean to study overnight or stay overnight. 

4. We are comparing our answers after every exam. Asking one another, what is your answer in number 3? "I'm not sure about it but mine was 524.30". "No, you're wrong. It must be 640". See? 

5. Most of us are devoted with our Accounting subjects ONLY. What about Rizal, Logic, English, Speech, Business Mathematics and P.E. subjects? 

Indeed we have our moments when our instructor used to recycle the test questionnaire and then we intent to ace that but later on we realized we need to drop 2-5 items. Crazy and lazy. :D

As much as I want to enumerate some, but this post is getting longer. Just add up in the comment box below.

A..N..D.. the feeling
To those who are still students, remain persistent and determined. Remember the "I will become CPA" note you have written in one of the pages of your book? Believe it. I know you can make it. 

To those who survived the strenuous CPA Board Exam, KUDOS to you guys. 

Share this to your fellow Accountancy mates. 

Disclaimer: All photos are not mine. Big thanks to Google. :) 


  1. Hahaha funny but, yeah its true!

    By the way, we have a "not so good" experience while having a group study in McDonalds.

  2. sore no totemo okashidesu! watashi ika no yona sore. Yoku yatta! :)

    1. Kon'nichiwa Marchan wa, watashi wa anata ga itte iru no ka shirimasen. Tonikaku, tachiyotte kurete arigatō

  3. Dream course ko pa naman ang accountancy :-) Thanks for dropping by at my blog too. God bless! Cheers to blogging!

    1. Thanks fro dropping Dr. Eamer. I have good time reading your blog. :)