Extreme Canyoneering Guide - Badian Cebu

Extreme Canyoneering Guide

Canyoneering or Canyoning is considered as an extreme sports and most often following a river or water course which may include physical activities such as trekking, scrambling, climbing and jumping.

Extreme Canyoneering Guide

It started in 2011 and became popular in Cebu particularly in Badian after it was featured in "Biyahe ni Drew" segment. Canyoneering in Badian offers the best way to explore stunning natural landscape carved out by nature while enjoying the fun and adventure. 

How to Get There

From Cebu City
Go to South Bus Terminal, ride a Ceres Bus with "Bato via Barili" route sign. This will take the main highway passing Moalboal going to Brgy. Matutinao where Kawasan falls is located.  A three-hour drive to reach Matutinao Church-Kawasan junction drop off area/meeting point.
Ceres Bus "Bato via Barili" AC - 140
Ceres Bus "Bato via Barili" non-AC - 126

(fare is subject to change without prior notice)

From Mactan Cebu Int'l Airport
Take a taxi going to South Bus Terminal. You  may opt to ride the yellow taxi found outside the arrival area. These are metered taxi with rates approximately twice that of the regular white taxi. 

Hire a Guide

As an extreme sports, safety is a must. You need to have a canyoning guide who is well rehearsed with the trail. The guide can arrange everything and fee starts at 1,000php minimum of 10 persons. Special rate may apply if less than minimum.

For canyoneering guide service, you can contact Ronald Diluvio (a professional canyoneering guide) at 0905-968-2225 to book your canyoneering adventure.

The guide will provide the following:

--free transfer to starting point at Kanlaob river in Alegria.
--free use of life vest, helmet, aqua shoes and dry bag
--free entrance and exit fees
--free snacks and drinking water during canyoneering
--free lunch after canyoneering (10 persons minimum)
Your guide will give you updates if there is necessary cancellation due to heavy rains or storm.

Extreme Canyoneering Guide
Our guide Kuya Ricardo brother of Ronald Diluvio.

What to Bring

It is recommended to bring wet suits or rash guard (dry fit is okay), leggings and sun block. Do not forget to bring your action camera (if available) to capture every moments with you. All necessary safety equipment will be provided by the guide. 

And most importantly, bring your smiles and your sense of adventure. 

Extreme Canyoneering Guide

Where to Stay

Kuya Ronald can secure a place for you if you'd like to stay overnight or extend your stay in Badian. Accommodation is not a problem in the area. There are rooms for rent along Kawasan falls river banks which ranges from 1,000 to 2,000php. You can also stay in La Playa de Asuncion Beach Resort to make the best of your stay in Badian. For reservation, you may contact La Playa Beach Resort at 09324751194, 09278080972 or 09152889280.

What to Expect 

Canyoneering adventure generally takes about 3-4 hours depending on your pace. In our experience, there were 7 total jumps. 
--2 major jumps
--2 water slide
--3 minor jumps
But you may ask your guide to add the number of jumps during your adventure. And be ready to amaze with surprises each step of the way.

Extreme Canyoneering Guide


1. You can jump in the water only in places allowed  by the guide.
2. Jump straight. Do not extend your arms while jumping. 
3. Wear your life vest and helmet all the time. 
4. Listen to your guide carefully.
5. Enjoy. 

See this post for our Canyoneering Experience in Badian. 

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