Malapascua Island 101

Malapascua Island Cebu

Malapascua Island is part of the municipality of Daanbantayan situated northeastern cost of Cebu and lies 8 kilometers from Maya port. Malapascua island described by many foreign visitors as the way "boracay looked like before" because of its pristine surroundings and the long stretches of unspoiled coastline. 

Getting there: 

**From the city take a bus from Nort Bust Terminal bound for Maya-Bagay or Kawit-Maya; a small port in the northern part of Cebu. Bus fare for AC is now 200 pesos while non-AC is 163 pesos
**Bus will leave as early as early as 12:30 am but I recommend you to take the 3:00 am bus. It will take 4-5 hours trip before reaching Maya port.
**Avoid riding a van with no "GT Express" written in the body. These are colorum vans with no proper authority to operate.
**Upon arriving in Maya port, ride a boat for 100 pesos going to Malapascua island. The boat ride usually takes 40 mins. There will be available boat as early as 6:30 am and the last trip will be at 3:00 pm. The boat usually leaves when there are enough people on board.
**When it is low tide, the boat cannot drop tourist on the Logon beach village, tourist needs to transfer to a smaller flat boats for 20 pesos each. 

What you should know in Malapascua Island

The locals: 

**Locals are dependent on fishing and tourism as a source of livelihood. One I love about the locals is that they do not take advantage on you, they are hospitable and friendly and a very good English speaker.

What to do:

**Diving is popular in the island. Most of the resort in the island offers diving packages and diving shops are lined up in the long stretch of Bounty Beach. Monad Shoal is the number one dive site of Malapascua. I asked one of the fisherman in the island why divers flock in the island because in Monad Shoal, Thresher sharks can be seen regularly although its not guaranteed. And if you're lucky enough you can spot Manta rays and hammerheads too. 

What you should know in Malapascua Island

**Island tour can be arranged through the resort you are staying. Among the activities during your island tour are: cliff diving, snorkeling, a visit to a Japanese ship wreck site and sunset viewing among others. 

What you should know in Malapascua Island

**Walk around the island usually takes 3-4 hours. A good way to get along with locals and know some of their stories in life. 

What you should know in Malapascua Island

**Kalanggaman Island day trip. Negotiate with your resort if you want this trip or you can ask friendly locals if they know someone that can take you there. It will cost you roughly about 800 pesos with one meal/snacks. 

What you should know in Malapascua Island

**Or simply seat, unwind and relax away from the buzzing city life and feel the island vibes.

What you should know in Malapascua Island

What you should know in Malapascua Island
photo by Xyzsa of 

**The currency is in Philippine peso. No ATM machine in the island. Better bring ample amount of money if you're staying longer. Major credit cards are accepted in some resorts and restaurants.

Where to Eat: 

**There are few dining options to choose from. Amihan and Angelina Restaurant located in the southern part of the island. In Bounty Beach, Mabuhay restaurant started the line of good dining options. 

What you should know in Malapascua Island

photo by Atty. Kris Andales
What you should know in Malapascua Island

Best time to go: 

**You will find lots of beach lovers flocking to Malapascua during summer season (March-May). If you want to relax, the best time to go is during the low season (June-November) - expect more rains during/between these months.  Remember that most of the resorts price will go high during peak season and expect everything will follow. 


**Book the best accommodation in Malapascua from the simple cottages to middle class and high end resort in the island. If your looking for a simple place to stay in, White Sand Bungalows (<-- click this) can accommodate you with the best deal of your money. 

What you should know in Malapascua Island

Final Note: 

**Malapascua Island attracts tourists around the world entirely because of its lovely beaches and world class diving spots. The charm and warm-hospitable locals, white sand and turquoise waters, seafoods and a great view of sunset made this tiny island a paradise to stay. But like any other islands, dynamite and cyanide fishing still a serious treat to the marine ecosystem. Conserve water during your stay. Most of the underground wells are getting dry because of climate change. Be a responsible traveler and tourist.  And I would like to borrow the line from Oscar 2016 winner Leonardo de Caprio, "Climate change is real, it is happening right now. It's the most urgent treat facing our entire species.....Let us not take this planet for granted. I do not take this planet for granted." 

What you should know in Malapascua Island

Thank you for the time reading this Malapascua Island 101 post. Enjoy your stay. 


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