6 Reasons To Get The Citi Prestige Visa Signature Card

Reasons to get The Citi Prestige Card

The days when  mileage collectors were exclusively concentrated among those who either travelled business class or those who flew every so often are long gone. With the advent of credit cards that led to airlines miles, redeeming award flights and flight upgrades are made attainable for many. And this becomes more so as Citibank Philippines launched its new travel card, the Citi Prestige Visa Signature Card. 

Recently launched in December 2015, the Citi Prestige Card has been aimed by the American bank's premium clients. When my banker called to sell me the new card, I was initially dumbfounded upon hearing the card's annual fee, a staggering 12,000 Php, non-waivable, payable immediately upon the card's activation. Nonetheless, a few minutes through the call, I found myself agreeing to sign up for Citi's new card, and here are the reasons why I chose to spend such a hefty sum for a credit card.

1. Complimentary Prestige Membership to Priority Pass + 4 Guest Visits

Priority Pass:  Every economy class passenger's best friend. There was a time when airport lounges were exclusive to business class passengers or those belonging to high tier airline memberships. However, some companies, like Priority Pass, grant their  members access to more than 900+ lounges all over the world, but not without price. For 250.00 USD, members can sign up for the Standard Plus Package, with 10 annual visits to partner lounges. For 450.oo USD, members can enjoy unlimited visits for one membership year, while their guest pay 27.00 USD per visit. With Citi's Prestige Card, you can enjoy unlimited visits AND four guest visits every year. That's 450.00 USD, roughly 20,700 Php, compliments from Citi. 

Reasons to get The Citi Prestige Card

To date, I've already paid 12 lounges a visit.

Monetary Value: 20, 700 Php 

2. Citi's Concierge dedicated for Prestige cardholders to cater your lifestyle and travel needs

Imagine reserving a full-packed restaurant, grabbing limited concert tickets, arranging airport transportation hassle-free with one simple phone call, any time of the day, any day of the week. And as added bonus, they give you periodical updates about your booking, from sending me emails to recap my whole trip until calling me a day before my flight to Chiang Mai to remind me of my stay. Exceptional service. 

Reasons to get The Citi Prestige Card

Monetary Value: let's give it 2, 000 Php. 

3. Unlimited Complimentary 4th Night Free at any hotel on hotels.com. 

When you book a hotel listed on hotels.com for at least four straight nights with Citi's Concierge, the bank automatically pays for your 4th night. How cool is that? I booked a four-night stay at the Sofitel Singapor Sentosa Resort and Spa, with a nightly rate of 12,000 Php, last March, and all i paid was 36,000 Php. And the saving of 12,000 Php is just for one night's stay.

Reasons to get The Citi Prestige Card

Monetary Value: 10,000 Php depending on how you often you travel, and which type of hotels you frequent. 

4. Generous spend-to-mile ratio.

This is little tricky, I have to admit. The Citi Prestige Card awards you 1 Thank You Point for every 30.00 Php spend, and to earn 1 airline mile ( Asia Miles, KrisFlyer, Qmiles, etc ), you need 3 Thank You Points, or 90.00 Php. This can be very expensive in comparison to HSBC's Platinum Card, BDO's Cathay Pacific Credit Card and even Citi's own PremierMiles. However, it gets interesting when you use your card on shopping, dining and all transactions on foreign currencies, as Citi multiplies you Thank You Points by 5 for every eligible transaction. That translates to 1 mile for every 18 pesos spent! No card gives you that much miles.

Tip: Use your Prestige Cards on all shopping, dining and transactions in foreign currencies, while keeping your PremierMiles for local airline tickets, groceries and others. 

5. Complimentary Airport and Complimentary Meet and Assist.

The Prestige Card also offers members 2 one-way transfer for four people with luggage each, to and from select airports in Asia-Pacific per calendar year. I haven't availed of this yet, but I'm considering getting this in Singapore as taxi rates are exorbitant there. One-way Uber ride from Changi to Sentosa cost me around 1,200 Php, so this can be helpful.

The card also offers Meet and Assist twice per year at airports in Asia-Pacific, meaning assistance from the moment you step off the plane, until you claim your baggage and you waltz through the airport. Talk about 5-Star landing. 

Reasons to get The Citi Prestige Card

Monetary Value: 3,000 Php.

6. 3 Complimentary rounds of golf  for select golf clubs per calendar year. 

I'm not a golfer, and I don't think I'll try my luck at it soon, but I guess this can be a bonus to golf aficionados. If not, I'm thinking of giving it as a gift to a friend!

Reasons to get The Citi Prestige Card

So there it is. The 6 Reasons why I was talked into subscribing for a card that charges a little premium than most (if not all ) cards in the Philippines. 

This guest post is written by Sygrex Nino Deiparine


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