Travel Mindanao: 10 Best Travel Destinations

Best Travel Destinations in Mindanao
photo by: Madayawwowdagway
Mindanao notoriously subject to different travel warnings from different countries because of the current conflicts and inhuman acts that instill fear to every tourists and travelers which deeply concealed the beauty of Mindanao. As a way of promoting the island, I compiled some of the best travel destinations from different travel bloggers who visited the "Land of Promise"- Mindanao. 

1. Lake Sebu 

photo by: Windowseat Ph

Settled at 1000-meters above sea level and is sandwiched between Roxas-Matulas and Daguma Mountain Ranges, the municipality of Lake Sebu is unsurprisingly temperate and abundantly vegetated. Springs and rivers from these rolling hills provide continuous water supply to the three important watersheds of the town, namely; Lake Sebu, Lake Lahit, and Lake Seloton. Read more. Blog post by Freedom Wall 

2. Asik - Asik Falls

Best Travel Destinations in Mindanao

Alamada‘s bizarre Asik-Asik Falls has intrigued travelers across the country which led to a drastic increase in tourism influx since its discovery in 2010. Getting to Asik-Asik Falls requires a challenging habal-habal ride on Brgy. Dado’s uphill roads composed of rock, dirt, and clay. From the jump-off, a trek on a steep concrete staircase, lies between you and the reward of charming curtain falls that will make the uncomfortable journey worth the effort. Amid the difficulty, the waterfalls receives an average of 500 visitors daily which doubles during weekends. Read more. Blog post by Biyaherong Barat 

3. White Island, Camiguin

Best Travel Destinations in Mindanao
photo by:  Adrenaline Romance
Have you ever marveled at the breathtaking beauty of an elegant ring, earring, or pendant? You would probably realize that it’s not the shiny setting or the intricate design that mainly draws your attention to it. It’s the gem, the heart of the ring—be it a ruby, diamond, emerald, or pearl—that makes the jewelry come to life. In the beautiful island of Camiguin, that gem is the idyllic White Island. Read more. Blog post by Adrenaline Romance

4. Maria Cristina Falls 

Best Travel Destinations in Mindanao

Also known as the “twin falls” because of a large rock at its brink that seems to split the falls into two, Maria Cristina Falls is truly a marvel of nature. Its water comes from Agus River, the only outlet of an ancient lake (the Great Lake Lanao). The waterfall continues down through the Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant operated by the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR). This power plant was commissioned on May 31, 1953 and has provided power to Mindanao to this day. Read more. Blog post by Traveling Morion.

5. Dahilayan Forest Park

Best Travel Destinations in Mindanaophoto by: Kim Roel

Dahilayan Forest Park Resort has a refreshing take on adventure, leisure, and nature. Situated in the cool mountains of Bukidnon, surrounded by epic scenery, Dahilayan Forest Park Resort is definitely a go-to place for an all-day casual weekend adventure, a quick getaway from the city, or an exciting family day. Read more. Blog post by Fueled by Caffeine.

6. Enchanted River, Surigao

Best Travel Destinations in Mindanao

Hiding in the rocky mountains of Hinatuan, Surigao Del Sur, lies a river that is something you've never seen before. A river so enchanted, very little is known about this mysterious river and it's unexplored cave. Yet, it's beauty and crystal clear waters make people from all over the world visit this place. Read more. Blog post by Angelo the Explorer.

7. Golden Mosque in Cotabato

Best Travel Destinations in Mindanao
photo by Out of Town Blog

Traveling to and from the Golden Mosque is a bit exciting. To reach the Mosque, we rode an Awang bound jeepney from the City center to Sinsuat Avenue in Barangay Kalangan (near the Husky Terminal) then had a habal-habal ride to the Grand Mosque. Im still not used to riding habal-habal but thanks to the paved road and scenic villages along the way, it helped me forget how scary the habal-habal ride was. Read more. Blog post by Out of Town Blog.

8. White Water Rafting, CDO

Best Travel Destinations in Mindanao

The ONLY thing that keeps people from moving forward and achieving their dreams is FEAR. It enslaves us and prevent us from becoming who we really want to be or do whatever we want to do. We fear FAILURE. REJECTION. FALLING DOWN. Being HURT. BROKEN. Being ALONE. We fear DEATH. The list is never-ending that even Science has listed phobias one by one from A to Z. Read more. Blog  post by Awanderful Sole.

9. Samal Island 

Best Travel Destinations in Mindanao
photo by Philippine Get Away

The airfare to Davao is always expensive and it's very rare that you get to catch it in a really low rate, so when I did it's a no-brainer. Another impromptu lucky seat sale booking led us to the paradise of Davao. Read more. Blog post by Monique de Jesus

10. Asia's Latin City

Best Travel Destinations in Mindanao

Located at the tip of Zamboanga Peninsula, Zamboanga City is one of the most progressive cities in Mindanao. It is labelled as “Asia’s Latin City” because of its Spanish-influenced Chavacano dialect – dating back to the Spanish era in the 1600's. Today, Zamboanga City continues to attract travelers who want to experience the city's interesting dialect, Spanish inspired dishes offered in may restaurants, beautiful beaches, and many other historical and natural attractions. Read more. Blog post by Escape Manila

Undoubtedly, Mindanao is beautiful. It might be off the beaten path, but the high, rugged, faulted mountains; almost isolated volcanic peaks; high rolling plateaus; and broad, level, swampy plains; marvelous seascapes and colorful festivals make it worth the trip. 

Visit Mindanao - adventures are waiting to happen. 


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