30 Before 30 - Happy 2016

Happy New Year everyone. I guess everyone has its own new year's resolution this 2016 - a promise to do an act of self-improvement or whatever. Well, this is my first post this 2016 and to remind myself of the goals to complete before turning 30 (of course with His guidance); I am sharing with you my list of 30 Before 30. 

On fitness:
1. Hit the gym
2. Run a marathon again
3. Earn some abs - yeah!

On travel and adventure:
4. Get and fix my passport - ASAP
5. Visit as many local destinations
6. Buy a sturdy tent
7. Learn and go surfing
8. Learn another language
9. Visit Apo Wang-od and get a tattoo

On nerd life:
9. Start reading books
10. Start my blog on a dot com
11. Gain additional followers for this blog
12. Professional update - foster lifelong learning for myself

On spiritual life:
13. Strengthen relationship with God
14. Read the Bible
15. Start a Happy Project - open for collaboration

On real life:
16. Get matching clothes with the one I love
17. Have a date together as often as possible
18. Have the same last name
19. Own a house
20. Savings for real
21. Apply for job abroad
22. Learn how to cook
23. Do a guitar cover and have a courage to share it to social media
24. Think less do more
25. Learn how to be cool from heating up too soon. hahaha..."Better Days"

Never stop dreaming about:
26. Owning a beach house
27. Traveling around the world
28. Skydiving
29. Starting a business
30. Writing a song - entry for VISPOP :D

Cheers! Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. May good luck and good fortune always be with us. :)